Coaching is a group of methods and ways of supporting a client in the process of their own potential development. While the therapy focuses mainly on the process of healing and achieveing desired change therein, coaching is a way of working with people who are willing to develop their abilities and possibilities.


We offer the following ways od development utilizing the coaching expierience and its tools:


Personal Coaching - focuses on the inner life of the client and facilitates its development. By development of the inner life of the client we understand the following: awareness of the inner experience, development of the social and emotional intelligence, work with the unconsciousness, development of the unconscious potentials.


Life Coaching - focuses primarily on working with the client's life plans self-perception and the perception of the surroundings as well as relations with others, relationships. It also includes interventions in the fields of creativity and general health.


Business Coaching - focuses on supporting and enriching the business and carer life, as well as its development.



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