Psychotherapy is a method of:

healing psychiatric disorders (depression, neurosis, fear, anxiety, phobia, anorexia, bulimia, personality disorders, addictions, schizophrenia, mood disorders)

solving problems and crisis situations (stress, traumatic events, death of a relative, psychological, phisical and sexual abuse and violence, burnout, relationship brake-up, catastrophes and rapid change events).

The aim of the Psychotherapy is to facilitate symptom extinction or transformation, improvement in general functioning of the client. It also leads to the change of maladaptive behavioral patterns, and to decrease of negative feelings and emotions. It also enables a client to develop their personality, enrich their understanding of themselves and their interior psychic processes. It also helps to deal patient with stressful events.


One session of an Individual Psychotherapy lasts about 50 minutes. The first meeting aims to meet the needs of a patient and to propose possibly best tailored therapeutic strategies to an individual patient.


In my work I use multimodal approach. I am integrating the Ericksonian Approaches with Cognitive-Behavior Techniques, Logotherapy and Family Therapy Approaches. The way of work and eventual techniques are tailored to the individual patient, his needs and abilities.

I also utilize in the process of treatment the techniques and approaches developed by myself and my team in a process of constant research and analysis since 2005 till today.




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